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8 Solid Chocolate Desserts; Super Bowl Bites

Max Burkhalter

LISTICLES— All of the recent Valentine's Day coverage is likely to encourage chocolate cravings, so check out Zagat Houston's list of desserts to help scratch that itch. On the list is El Coco from Caracol. "Inside the chocolate-coconut sphere is a mound of coconut buttercream, coconut ganache, coconut streusel and whipped coconut. They bring out a mallet for you to break it open and consume the treasures inside." [Zagat Houston]

CLEAR LAKE— For those still recovering from hefty holiday spending, here's a list of budget lunch spots in the Clear Lake area. At No. 4 is Abe's Cajun Market: "This family-owned meat market and cafe has been serving Houstonians authentic Cajun cuisine for more than 13 years. Get a fat link of Abe's spicy pork boudin ($1.99) along with a side of mac and cheese ($2.99), a cup of creamy and buttery corn-and-crawfish bisque ($4.75cup; $7.50/bowl), or smothered, meaty pork chops over rice ($8.50). The casual eatery also has plenty of salads, gumbos, burgers, and po' boys in addition to a killer Cajun meat market." [Houston Press]

RICE VILLAGED'Amico's in the Rice Village is preparing Super Bowl trays of grab-and-munch food for the big game Feb 2. Locals can choose from pizza ($12.99 each), meatballs ($24 a dozen) and sandwiches ($80-tray feeds 15 to 30). Call 713-526-3400 to place an order. [Eaterwire]