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Dallas Restaurant Group Opening Two Houston Spots

AF+B in Fort Worth
AF+B in Fort Worth
Photo: Malcolm Mayhew/EDFW

In far-off coming attractions, Dallas-based restaurant group Consilient Hospitality is set to enter the Houston market next year with two new establishments: AF+B and Thirteen Pies. The hospitality group, headed by Tristan Simon, is simultaneously planning both of these concepts for Atlanta this year. It looks like River Oaks will be next in line, with the tavern and pizzeria projected to open "sometime in 2015," according to a rep. There were rumors that the concepts would be opening at 4444 Westheimer, but the Consilient rep would not deny or confirm the location, telling Eater that some of the rumors surrounding the project weren't accurate.

AF+B—which stands for American food and beverage—recently opened in Forth Worth, according to Eater Dallas. (Take a look at the menu here.) As the name implies, the food is all about upscale Americana, with draft beer and a full bar. There's less info on Thirteen Pies, but Houston will have an idea of what to expect once the Atlanta location is up and running, sometime later this year.
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