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Gateway Memorial City's Kuu is Expected to Open Soon

The latest in fine dining establishments set to debut at the Gateway Memorial City development is Japanese restaurant Kuu, which is gearing up for a February opening. Signage is up, and the 4,800-square-foot interior and 1,200-square-foot patio are receiving some final touches. As of now, Kuu is "about 98-percent ready," according to owner and former Blue Fish and Sushi Raku chef Adison Lee, saying that he wouldn't rush the opening because he believes Japanese food is all about passion and precision. "I want to create a good team in this restaurant," he said.

Lee said it's important to him that the design details be custom, natural elements—plenty of wood and stone—that would lend an elegant but grounded feel to the space. He explains that overall, the highlight will be on the freshness of the ingredients in his dishes. The high-end Japanese menu will include entrees that "combine seasonal ingredients and traditional Japanese technique" at an average of about $35 to $50. Smaller, tapas-style dining and omakase dining will feature sake pairings from operations manager and sommelier Ricky Cheung. In Eater's last chat with Lee, he divulged that his personal "favorite menu item is the Truffle Japanese Sea Bream," and that "Kuu" means both "the art of eating and something that's delicious and tasty," so presentation will be part of what he hopes will set the restaurant apart from other contemporary Japanese eateries. Stay tuned for an "Eater Inside" report with a full gallery and official opening date.
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947 GESSNER RD #A180, Houston, Texas 77024