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OTC Midtown Set to Open This Week With a Food Focus

OTC Midtown [Courtesy Images]

OTC Midtown is set to debut to the public this week, but the folks behind this project are hoping to shed some of the Kirby location's bro-image with this outpost. Hospitality company The Kirby Group, which has opened bars ROAK, Hendrick's Pub, Taps and just recently sold Ei8ht on Washington, are behind OTC Midtown too. But general manager Chris Amez tells Eater that the food and drinks at the Midtown location are going to be completely different from what the rest of their establishments offer. Apparently some of the members of The Kirby Group are affiliated with Pete Zaaz in Brooklyn, a pizzeria that is known for selling unconventional pies, so they're hoping that the concept translates to this city's market. "The owners have been traveling to New York a lot [for Pete Zaaz] and wanted to bring this to Houston," Amez says. "This one is a pizza grill and the kitchen will be on a whole other level." On the eccentric pizza menu will be some "off-the-wall pizzas, like the Loaded Baked Potato Pizza is a top seller [in Brooklyn], the Chorizo Pie with salsa and pork crumbles and a Breakfast Pizza." OTC Midtown will also begin a brunch service soon—think other playful offerings, like the Cap'n Crunch French Toast. And although there will be some beer on tap, the drinks-focus will be mostly on the cocktails. "The drinks are going to be a big," Amez said. "We'll have boilermakers, adult root beer and three different tequila infusions a month."

While some industry heavy-hitters are hoping to counter the bar scene in Midtown by opening full-service restaurants, it's looking like the number of bars opening in the area far exceeds any number of forthcoming dining establishments. The Gaslamp opened up recently, another Taps location is headed to Midtown, and this spot, although it will have a full dinner menu and brunch, will likely still be seen as a place that's reinforcing the nightclub scene in that neighborhood.

OTC Midtown will host a few friends and family events until the public debut this weekend, just in time for the Super Bowl.
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OTC Midtown

2708 Bagby St Houston, TX 77006