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Anvil Relaunches Cocktail Classes; Tastings at Pastry War

The Pastry War
The Pastry War
Photo: Julie Soefer

You won't have to drive too far for lessons on cocktail mixing and spirits from the best in the country starting January 25. Downtown's The Pastry War will be the site of Anvil's cocktail class series relaunch, hosted by Bobby Heugel and Alba Huerta, the country's Bartenders of the Year, according to spirits magazine Imbibe. The newest issue on stands now features "The Imbibe 75," in which Huerta and Heugel's contributions to the Houston drinks scene are described at length. (Take a look at the article here.) Both top bartenders and the Anvil team will be teaching classes that each focus on a different spirit each lecture. Each two-hour class will teach the history of the spirit, how to incorporate it into cocktails and the best tasting techniques. You'll leave with recipes in hand, too. The first class is on American whiskey and will be held at The Pastry War on Saturday, January 25 from 4 to 6 p.m. The $55 tickets are available in person at either bar but won't be sold online or over the phone. Apart from the Anvil spirits lessons at The Pastry War, that mezcaleria will also be the spot to go at 7 p.m. every other Tuesday, beginning January 7, for tasting events featuring mezcal, tequila and other agave spirits. Those tickets can be purchases in advance or at that bar.

The duo took a hiatus from holding these classes for over a year in order to focus on Okra Charity Saloon, The Pastry War and Huerta's upcoming bar Julep. Heugel admits that he's avoided addressing the question of when this series would return, but he says that he looks forward to cocktail class afternoons. Heugel said, "These classes and tastings are a fun way to educate our customers on the booze we love—especially since so many amazing new spirits have recently hit the Texas market. It's exciting to give our guests the tools and knowledge to create drinks for themselves at home."
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