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Chopping Block Is Definitely On the Chopping Block

Chopping Block
Chopping Block
Photo: Facebook

Last month, the owners of the Chopping Block told Eater that they were cutting back hours to just lunch for the month of Jan. due to lack of business. It seems that the slow business hasn't picked up, since they have recently decided to shut down for good. The burger restaurant opened on Washington Ave. last summer, and the owner says that they had high hopes at the time. "The concept was amazing, and in my experience it was loved by most," a co-owner tells us. "It should have been better." He cites the parking issues as the biggest problem. "I knew from the beginning that customers would not like the parking, and the valet harassment was definitely the number one complaint." Eater was told that there were talks about a relocation to the old Ace building on Shepherd nearby, but that would be a ways off if so, April or May.
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5317 Washington Avenue, Houston, Texas 77007