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Restaurants Gone Missing; Velveeta Shortage

WEST SIDE— In a newsletter, B4-U-EAT noticed that the Fish & the Knife, a bar and restaurant that had been under construction since 2010, suddenly disappeared from Facebook. The owners haven't been taking calls or responding to questions, even though the place looked close to opening when we last stopped by. Back in October we spoke to general manager James Picou who said he anticipated a fall 2013 opening. It was on both Eater's fall and spring lists of highly anticipated openings. We'll make sure to update with any news if we hear back from him. [Eaterwire]

RAMEN WIREHoustonia's Robb Walsh visits Ramen Jin, the newest ramen shop to open. "Expect long waits at both places. I arrived at Ramen Jin at 5:05 p.m., five minutes after the restaurant's opening time. That wasn't early enough, as I was already number 12 in line. My bowl of ramen arrived a 5:45. (No wonder they aren't open for lunch.)" [Gastronaut]

CHEESE SHORTAGEGreg Morago reports that there's a Velveeta shortage on the horizon, right before the Super Bowl. The good news is that the processed cheese should still be available in the larger portions: "James Gorzell, a buyer for H-E-B said that Kraft has been shorting stores of 8- and 16-ounce packages since October. But there is no shortage of the 32-ounce size, which accounts for about 90 percent of business. 'That is the one everyone buys and it's still available,' he said. 'Consumers don't need to be concerned. Everyone's got Velveeta.'" [Houston Chronicle]