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Hairy Fried Chicken Brunch; Family-Owned Spots

Gary Wise/flickr

MONTROSE— Big fun hairstyles, fancy fried chicken and a DJ: Consider your Saturday brunch plans made. Head to L'Olivier for the Fried Chicken Brunch this Saturday (Jan. 11) from noon to 2 p.m. to help Lawndale Art Center count down to its Hair Ball. The meal is $35, but just $30 for those who dress in Hair Ball Fashion. Call 713-360-6313 to reserve seats. [Eaterwire]

INDIE EATS— Zagat Houston lists ten family-owned restaurants that the city has come to love. On the list is Spanish Village: "Houston does love its Tex-Mex restaurants, and many claim allegiance to this family-run gem near the Medical Center. It's got the typical hokey Mexican decor, with lots of Christmas lights strung throughout, and that's exactly the way we love it." [Zagat Houston]

LISTICLES— The Houston Press offers five ideas for a cheap lunch in the Heights. At No. 1 is Asia Market: "Come for the stellar array of curries -- like the kang massaman (7.95), a yellow curry with chicken (or beef, pork or shrimp), potatoes, onion, carrots and peanuts -- each served with a bowl of incredibly fluffy white rice. A whole fried tilapia will run you just $4.95, while a Thai-style som tom, a sweet and sour green papaya salad made with dried shrimp, can be devoured for $5.95. Just remember: Spicy here is farang (foreigner) spicy, so order hot instead of Thai hot if you can't handle a runny nose." [Houston Press]