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Third Pop-Up at D&T; Last Night at Philippe

HEIGHTS— If you've been keeping up with the Foreign Correspondents preview pop-up series at D&T Drive Inn, you'll want to continue your good-eating streak this weekend. The third of these peeks into upcoming FC will see PJ Stoops manning the grill this Saturday (Jan. 11). The focus of this sampling will be Isaan grilled chicken served with sweet chili sauce and sticky rice (gai yaang isaan), papaya salad (som tam) cooked Issan-style, and fermented pork ribs (naem si krong mu). Of the menu (at right), D&T owner Chris Cusack says, "I'm particularly excited about this one—these are a few of my favorite Thai dishes." [Eaterwire]

SPRINGKoya Asian Kitchen in Spring has closed. The owners recently posted the details explaining the reasons for their closure. The Chronicle's Syd Kearney wrote of the announcement: "This Facebook post made me sad. It tells the story of a three-month-old restaurant that didn't make it." [Eaterwire]

GALLERIA— We've already told you that Philippe will be closing this Saturday (Jan. 11), and will return as new restaurant Table in March. Consider this a reminder that Saturday before midnight is your last chance to head in for dinner or a drink. [Eaterwire]