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Fish & the Knife is Expected to Open Soon

Fish & the Knife
Fish & the Knife
Photo: James Picou/Facebook

After Fish & the Knife suddenly disappeared from Facebook, and after several attempts at contacting them went unanswered, we wondered what happened to the forthcoming west side spot. Restaurant guide B4-U-EAT managed to get an update. In its newsletter is this explanation: "The facebook page was removed because it was created by an employee who is no longer there. There were a lot of workers there today and the beautiful fish tank contains live fish now. The owner says they expect to open in 3 weeks." Before its Facebook page was taken down, the upcoming bar and restaurant really did look like it was nearing completion. It has been under construction since 2010, and has kept us guessing about its opening date for years now (it was on both of Eater's spring and fall lists of highly anticipated openings).
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Fish & The Knife

7801 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063 (713) 677-0220 Visit Website

Fish & the Knife

7801 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas 77063