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The Guessing Game on MF Sushi's Closing Status

Is it closed or isn't it? Conflicting information regarding temporary closing of a popular Galleria sushi restaurant, leaves many wondering if it's gone for good.

MF Sushi
MF Sushi
Gary Wise

MF Sushi left sushi lovers stunned after confirming to several news outlets, including Eater Houston it was closing temporarily. Brothers and owners, Chris and Alex Kinjo's decision to temporarily close the restaurant was due to remodeling and reorganizing. When pressed for a timeline, none was provided and neither was a  clarification on what reorganizing detailed.

However, Houstonia reported a different story last Friday. The magazine updated its weekly opening and closing restaurant blog post to include this:

Today, word broke that MF Sushi had closed its doors, though owner Chris Kinjo told CultureMap's Eric Sandler the closure is only temporary.

All signs indeed point to the restaurant as having closed. Their website is offline, emails are returned to sender, phones are disconnected and windows are draped in paper. Despite this, Alex Kinjo insists that word of MF Sushi Houston's demise is not true and the closure is only temporary. In an email statement to Eater Houston yesterday, Kinjo writes:

Yes, we are temporarily closed. Chris is working...on the new location and we are trying to working thing[s] out internally.
We will reopen again in Houston but we do not have a date yet.
I will inform you when I have [a] further update.

Last month, Alex Kinjo confirmed to Eater Houston of a second MF Sushi location in Houston in the works. The restaurant would be located in the former Pesca World Seafood space. A follow up with Brooke Harvey, a leasing executive for Weingarten Realty, revealed that the restaurant will not open at the River Oaks Shopping Center as anticipated.

Will the brothers set a reopening date or are their bags packed for a one-way trip to Atlanta? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

MF Sushi Houston

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