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Van Loc to Close This Week (Updated)

Longtime Midtown restaurant to close sooner than many expected.

Van Loc.
Van Loc.

Update (10/15/2014): Van Loc Restaurant closed Tuesday, October 14. The family-run restaurant planned to close Friday, October 17 but due to an overwhelming number of patrons early in the week, ran out of food to serve.

There was a collective sigh of sadness when news began to spread of Van Loc's impending closing last week. One of the first Vietnamese restaurants in Midtown, Van Loc has been a Houston dining institution for nearly three decades. It's no wonder once it was made known that the restaurant would close before Thanksgiving, diners flooded in for their last hearty helping of pho.

Those who decided to wait until November to get their fill of Vietnamese egg rolls should change those plans immediately. Van Loc will close its doors much sooner than Thanksgiving, it will serve its last meal Friday, October 17 Tuesday, October 14. Consider this your advance warning and make the necessary plans to belly up on bowls of vermicelli one last time.

As with anything that's near and dear to people's hearts, Van Loc will be missed by many. Luckily, nearby Vietnamese restaurants like Mai's, Thien An, The Red Pier Asian Bistro & Bar, Les Givrals and Cali Sandwich will help to fill the void left by an original to the Midtown scene.

Does Van Loc hold a special place in your heart? What are your favorite moments or dishes from there? Let us know in the comments.

Van Loc Restaurant

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