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Onaga Pan Asian Bistro Closes, Will Reopen as a New Concept

A year old Upper Kirby sushi restaurant has closed. Coming soon, a new restaurant with a focus on Third Coast Asian cuisine.

Onaga Pan Asian Bistro
Onaga Pan Asian Bistro
Houston in Pics

Another one bites the dust. Add Onaga Pan Asian Bistro to the growing list of restaurant to have closed since the start of October.

The Upper Kirby restaurant opened last year in the former Zake Sushi Lounge space. Facing competition from nearby Aka Sushi House, Uchi and recently opened Dosi may have caused owners LWC Concepts to reevaluate the restaurant's operations. Instead of closing completely, Onaga has already transitioning itself into a new concept called Maiko Bar & Bistro with a new chef and management. Earlier in the week, the restaurant's Twitter handle reflected the change.

If Maiko Bar & Bistro sounds familiar, there's a good reason as to why. Maiko is also located in Austin. Corporate chef, Jeff Smith will helm the kitchen serving contemporary Third Coast Asian cuisine. The seasonal menu will highlight locally-sourced ingredients and offer blended craft cocktails.

A sample of the menu items include: truffle duck mac ‘n' cheese, grass-fed beef & chips and coconut yam puré. Maiko Bar & Bistro will also serve as a test kitchen, where many of the dishes to be created will reflect Houston's Asian cultures. Selected items will then become available in Austin.

Maiko Bar & Bistro opens October 27 and will offer a tasting menu during its opening week, along with other specials.