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Oprah Spotted at Bryan Caswell's Reef Over the Weekend

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Oprah Winfrey was in Houston recently imparting wisdom to the masses, but it's her hot Midtown restaurant choice that's the talk of the town.

Oprah at Reef
Oprah at Reef

Unless you were living under a rock, you know Oprah Winfrey was in Houston over the weekend. The former talk show host, turned mogul, author, publisher and motivational speaker was in town for her "Live the Life You Want" tour. After the weekend festivities concluded, Winfrey unwind Saturday evening at chef/owner Bryan Caswell's Reef.

News of her presence at the Midtown Gulf Coast seafood restaurant was first noted on Twitter by user Potocsny shortly after 7pm:

So I take my wife and family out to eat tonight and who walks in, fkn Oprah! #reef

Indeed it was Ms. Winfrey, who was also seen photographed with Jennifer Dell-Caswell, photographer and wife of Bryan Caswell. Winfrey's dining companions for the evening were graduates of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, many of whom attend universities in the United States. 

So what were one of dishes the living legend and her guests ordered from the menu? According to her Instagram account, where she's pictured with Caswell, "my girls had their first taste of gumbo last night at REEF in Houston!"

While Winfrey's mainly low-key dinner went off without a hitch, one diner described how she was treated by one of Winfrey's a bodyguards:

Saw @Oprah at Reef in Houston tonight. Her body guard totally man handled me, but it's fine. It's Oprah.

Winfrey being the class act she's widely known to be, responded back:

@suesheikhi did he really? I will speak to him about it.

This isn't the first high profile celebrity to dine at Caswell's Reef. In 2010, Houston's own Beyoncé and husband, rapper and mogul Jay-Z chose the Midtown neo-Gulf Coast restaurant for a late lunch. "They're definitely the most famous people we've ever served...and the ones with the biggest net worth," Caswell said of the experience at the time to the Houston Chronicle.

After this weekend, it's safe to say that Oprah holds the prestigious title now.

Did you spot Oprah or any other celebrities dining out in Houston? Send a tip and tell us all about it.


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