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Welcome to Cocktail Week 2014

Welcome to Eater's third annual Cocktail Week, where Eater sites across the country will overload you with mixed drink goodness, highlight the people behind the swizzle sticks and everything in between.

Eater Cocktail Week 2014
Eater Cocktail Week 2014

Raise a glass and toast to another year of Cocktail Week. It's that time of year again where Eater celebrates the world of boozy beverages for an entire week. We'll pay tribute to the people and places responsible for our cocktail infatuation, plus honor the often forgotten about dive bar during this week long happy hour.

Have a favorite cocktail? A favorite bartender? Is there an underrated bar that you think deserves to be acknowledged? This is the week to let us know! Comment on Facebook, Twitter or feel free to weigh in in the forum. If you're on the shy side, you can always send us a tip.


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