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Houston Bartenders Reveal One of Their Many Bar Games

The fun things bartenders do on the their day off.

Gary Wise

The life of a bartender is busy but fun one. Many late nights are filled with long hours of slinging cocktails, being a wingman, a therapist and everything else imaginable.On the rare chance they're rewarded with an evening off, some catch up on sleep while others catch up on the nightlife they've been missing out on.

Then there's a small group of bartenders who play a game of BINGO (sorry, but there's no stripping involved). If you're in the Montrose area, you've likely spotted your favorite bartender playing this tongue-in-cheek game unbeknownst to you, but it's all in good fun.

The game: Clumsy Butcher Bingo (Clumsy Butcher is the bar and restaurant group behind Anvil, Blackmith, Underbelly, Hay Merchant, The Pastry War and Julep.)

The objective: Bartenders try and visit every Clumsy Butcher establishment in one evening. Extra points to those able to order coffee from Blacksmith before its 5pm closing time.

The prize: There is no prize. However, the real reward is catching up with friends within the industry at their jobs, imbibing and enjoying great food. The downside? Not using the time to rest and starting the next day with a possible hangover.

Are you a bartender or someone in the restaurant and bar industry? Are there other games you play that's worth spilling the beans about? Send us anonymous tip.


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Anvil Bar & Refuge

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The Pastry War

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The Hay Merchant

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