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What's a Dive Bar? Industry Pros Give Their Definition

What's a dive bar? Houston's bartenders and industry pros share their thoughts.


Welcome to the Dive Bar Power Hour, a full hour dedicated to dive bars. Unlike their more popular sibling, the cocktail bar, dive bars are slightly rough around the edges -maybe sticky too- but even they need love too. Up first, Houston's bar industry shares their definition of a dive bar.

Francisco Terrazas, general manager of The Pastry War: "A place that cares more about giving people a relaxed atmosphere."

Terry Williams, general manager of Anvil Bar & Refuge: "A place I can go where no one knows my name."

Cheryl Gibbs, bartender at Captain Foxheart's Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge: "A place where anyone can walk in."

Ben Mowbray, bartender at Moving Sidewalk: "A place you go when you've accidentally killed your dreams and need to drown your sorrows."

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