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Readers Share Their Favorite Houston Dive Bars

We asked and you shared your diviest bar choice.

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Welcome to the Dive Bar Power Hour, a full hour dedicated to dive bars. Unlike their more popular sibling, the cocktail bar, dive bars are slightly rough around the edges - maybe sticky too - but even they need love too.

Anil Raj: "Lola's Depot for sure. Great dive and unpretentious as you can get. Stiff drinks and great prices!"

Glen Politte: "The venerable Warren's in Market Square. Accept no substitutes."

Twitter follower, BollaRice: "Lola's Depot, Big Star and Notsuoh"

Mario Pena: "The Houston dive bar, no doubt about it, is Poison Girl. Back in the day I would have said Emo's."

Valencia George: "Velvet Melvin, The Deck, Saint Dane's and The Hideaway on Dunvale. Great food, chill atmosphere and strong drinks."

Virginia Hernandez-Yalibat: "Leon's Lounge oldest bar in Houston and the oldest standing building La Carafe for sure."

Antionette Steward: "Sunny's and La Carfe."

Ozeal DeBastos: "Poison Girl."

Danielle Houston: "Davenport and The Spot."

Austin Bernelle: "Alabama Icehouse."

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