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Bloggers and Food Writers Share Their Favorite Houston Dive Bars

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Writers give up the goods and reveal the dive bars you should try.

Welcome to the Dive Bar Power Hour, a full hour dedicated to dive bars. Unlike their more popular sibling, the cocktail bar, dive bars are slightly rough around the edges - maybe sticky too - but even they need love too.

Ellie Sharp, Eater Houston contributor: "I love The Big Easy for its atmosphere, crowd, and consistently great Jazz."

Mike Cortez, freelance writer for Thrillist Austin: I love Poison Girl, which isn't so dive anymore but Big Star Bar, Catbirds and D&T Drive Inn.

Hank Lewis, writer at Hank on Food: "Although Marfreless has some great memories for me, I have not been there since it came under its new arrangement.  The Marquis II on Bissonnet (some folks call it The Deuce) is an old dive bar that is well known for having a great selection of wild Long Island Iced Teas.  They are also DECEPTIVELY POTENT."

Renia Butler, blogger of Gristle & Gossip: "Current fave, Dean's Downtown at 316 Main St. It's quaint and cozy, allowing folks like myself who are usually "dive bar-ing" during the week, a peaceful place to enjoy a great $5 old fashioned cocktail after work for happy hour. I suggest Dean's to friends who are looking for a place to "pre-game" on Saturdays before heading to the other popular spots doors down."

Syretta Avent, blogger of Fashion Crazed Foodie: "I agree with Davenports."