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Houston's Iconic Dive Bars According to Industry Pros

Bartenders and service industry professionals share their thoughts on which iconic dives in Houston.

Welcome to the Dive Bar Power Hour, a full hour dedicated to dive bars. Unlike their more popular sibling, the cocktail bar, dive bars are slightly rough around the edges - maybe sticky too - but even they need love too.

Terry Williams, general manager of Anvil Bar & Refuge: "Poison Girl. It's everything that's right about a dive bar."

Cheryl Gibbs, bartender at Captain Foxheart's Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge: "Warren's Inn. It's the oldest bar in Houston and everyone knows about it."

Ben Mowbray, bartender at Moving Sidewalk: "Lola's Depot. It's the place you go when you want to get low, rough and a little dirty."

Alexander Gregg, general manager of Moving Sidewalk: "Lola's."

Robert Harvey, general manger of Triniti: "Lola's."

Laurie Sheddan Harvey, bartender of the soon-to-open Sanctuari Bar: "Catbird's."

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