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Two Food Writers' Thoughts on the Future of Dives in Houston

Is there a future for dive bars in Houston?

Welcome to the Dive Bar Power Hour, a full hour dedicated to dive bars. Unlike their more popular sibling, the cocktail bar, dive bars are slightly rough around the edges - maybe sticky too - but even they need love too.

Recently, New York City has seen many of its well known dive bars close due to higher property taxes and gentrification. Could the same happen in Houston? As the Inner Loop becomes dense, forcing long-time mom and pop businesses out, we asked local food writers their thoughts of what the future holds for Houston's beloved dive bars:

Hank Lewis, writer at Hank on Food: "While some folks worry about Gentrification, the Inner Loop will always have its share of long-term and faux dive bars.  The Hipsters want obscure dive bars that are known via word of mouth.  The Yuppies and Artsers will want live music oriented Jazz style dive bars.  Folks that just want a good cocktail will usually find one in their part of Houston.  I'm exploring some in the Westchase area now, though right now it seems that the Bull & Bear is my fave local Pub (not really a dive bar)."

Ellie Sharp, Eater Houston contributor: "Houston will always have dives because it's important for  people to have places to go that don't require dress codes and cover charges, and where they blend with the scene instead of trying to be scene. There is also something contradictorily endearing about rough edges, smokey patios, creepy bathrooms, and outdated jukeboxes."

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