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Good Dog Houston Growing Tired of James Coney Island Relishing Its Hot Dogs

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One too many visits to a Heights hot dog shop causes frustration.

Good Dog Houston
Good Dog Houston
The Daily Houston

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but a Heights hot dog shop has had enough.

Earlier today, employees from Houston's hot dog institution James Coney Island (JCI) visited Good Dog Houston on Studemont, but the Heights restaurant wasn't enthused:

When asked about the allegations, Darrin Straughan, president of James Coney Island, Inc. had this to say:

Well, I guess no one at JCI will be recruited by the FBI or CIA. Actually, I was not there, but I'm told it was our HR director and our purchasing manager. Nothing clandestine. They are like all of us here who love hot dogs and seek them out everywhere.  We like Good Dog and think they do a great job.

The consensus among Good Dog Houston employees is the longtime hot dog shop is specifically seeking them out. During today's visit, JCI employees took many pictures, proceeded to deconstruct the hot dog and thoroughly inspected each ingredient before digging in. The account comes from manager James Lenhart, revealing, "this isn't the first time a team from James Coney Island has visited." Lenhart further divulged JCI sent employees during their food truck days and after the opening of their brick and mortar location on Studemont. Each time, hot dogs were inspected and pictures taken.

It's not an uncommon practice for businesses to check out the competition or be inspired to recreate a similar product. After the Houston Chefs and Show Dogs series and hiring of former Haven chef Randy Evans as a consultant, JCI appears to have an edge over Good Dog Houston. Still, could a mini local empire opened since 1923 have a mom-and-pop shop in its crosshair?

Good Dog Houston

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