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Facundo Cafe Is Closed, No Go for Spinoff Facundo Restaurante

The restaurant has shuttered after four years of serving


There's one less quirky spot to grab a bite to eat in Houston. Facundo Cafe, located inside Dr. Gleem Car Wash, Auto Salon and Lube Center, has closed. The Leader reports that Miguel Facundo decided to close the restaurant for good, thanking "the public for their support of the popular restaurant over the years."

Facundo Cafe opened in 2010 with little fanfare. The carwash diner quickly built a cult following due to its unassuming location and huge burgers. Facundo later made plans to expand, with hopes of opening a full service restaurant at 3713 Alba Rd called Facundo Restaurante. Unfortunately, Facundo has axed those plans, parted ways with Chef Danny Harper and wants to devote his time to his construction company, Facundo Home Builders. 

So what's to come of Facundo Restaurante? Facundo tells The Leader, "he plans to lease the completed building on Alba to another yet-to-be determined restaurateur who he hopes will keep some of the same ideas he had for the space."

Facundo Cafe

3103 Ella Boulevard, Houston, TX