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Has Pi Pizza Truck Found a Home for Its First Brick-and-Mortar?

Owner Anthony Calleo hopes to have keys in hand soon.

Anthony Calleo of Pi Pizza Truck
Anthony Calleo of Pi Pizza Truck

After closing late-night sandwich shop Sandy Witch in late August, Anthony Calleo, owner of Pi Pizza Truck, revealed plans to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant. In an interview with CultureMap, Calleo says he "was in lease negotiations on a space in EaDo that got leased out from under [him]'s back to the drawing board."

It seems that plan is pressing forward. Yesterday, Calleo shared this interesting news on Facebook:

Start sacrificing chickens, praying or throwing whatever pennies you have into the wishing wells in your heads— I think Pi Pizza might have found a permanent home today. A ways to go, but it sure as hell looks interesting from where I'm standing.

Calleo wasn't ready to disclose which location he has set his sights on, but did tell Eater that the process "has been an arduous task and we've had several spaces close...for various reasons." He adds, "This is looking positive, but until I have keys, anything is possible."

That it is. After all, there was growing excitement over the announcement of Ronnie Killen of Killen's Steakhouse and Killen's BBQ and Hubcap's Ricky Craig joint steakhouse, as well as James Beard-nominated and 2012 Rising Star Chef Randy Rucker's conāt. Neither projects came to fruition, leaving anticipated diners disappointed as both projects faded to black.

What can be expected of a brick-and-mortar Pi Pizza's— once a lease is signed— is the pizza and sandwich shop will keep late hours. 

In a 2013 ode to local diner, West Gray Cafe, Calleo waxed poetic about his desire to open his own dining establishment that stayed opened late. He wrote, "it is not by chance that the pizza truck and the sandwich shop keep late hours. Those hours are my choice to take the opportunity to be a part of what I experienced at that café when I was 24 and exhausted and starving and strung out on my own aspirations." In a city with limited late night options, it will be welcomed.