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Anvil Tops Social Media Company's List As Most Buzziest Bar in Houston

One company seeks out the bars with the most buzz in town.

Anvil Refuge & Bar
Anvil Refuge & Bar
Anvil Refuge & Bar

Anvil. Poison Girl. The Flying Saucer. All three are likely one of many drinking spots frequented in Houston, but which bar gets the must buzz? Enter Sidewalk, a social analytics company that sought out the answer and packaged it into the tidy infographic you see above.

"The data is compiled by analyzing social media activity that bars receive from fans/followers when bars share content," shared owner Mo Yehia, when discussing how his company gathered the information. Once completed, Sidewalk took their findings and published an infographic with the data showing the five buzziest bars in the five biggest cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia.

Comparing the activity across four major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Foursquare), here are the bars that come out on top:

  • Anvil Bar & Refuge
  • The Hay Merchant
  • Underbelly
  • Saint Arnold Brewing
  • BRC Gastropub

Anvil, Hay Merchant, and Underbelly (the only wine bar listed) are no surprise. All are concepts from the ownership group, Clumsy Butcher--which consistently posts and engage with their social media followers. "Social media gives us the opportunity to have direct conversations with our customers, to educate them about spirits, beer, food, wine, to answer questions, to alert them about special events, says Lindsey Brown, PR Director at Clumsy Butcher when asked on the importance of businesses using social media. She also advises "it's listening just as much as it is talking--social media has to be a two-way street to be successful."

Saint Arnold Brewing is another no shocker. It's the oldest craft brewery in Houston with a loyal following and it shows on social media. BRC Gastropub, on the other hand, is a surprise. Beer hubs like The Flying Saucer and The Petrol Station Taking into account how often fans interact with social content was a deciding factor so beer hubs like didn't make the cut.

The list doesn't take into account other factors that include privacy settings, Instagram and the sales of mixed beverage, wine and beer; so it's inconclusive. Still, in this day and age, there are bars and restaurants without a social media presence, which is truly a shame. The take away from this study to those bars behind the times, step up your social media game.

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