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Rockets' James Harden Shoots Foot Locker Commercial at a Montrose Coffee Shop

A basketball star steals the scene as a neighborhood coffee shop makes its national television debut.

Siphon Coffee
Siphon Coffee
Siphon Coffee/Facebook

Siphon Coffee left many wondering what was going on at the five-month old shop yesterday. The shop was cloaked in black tarp, a camouflage trailer was parked nearby and the entire Shops on Greeley parking lot - the shopping center where the coffee shop and cafe is located - was filled with a film crew and filming equipment. A similar scene could be found across the street at the resale shop, The Blue Bird Circle.

Advance notice of the shop's closure was given to Siphon Coffee's Facebook followers Saturday afternoon. Additionally, a marquee displaying "closed for a private event" wasn't enough to deter customers from going to the coffee shop before being turned away.

What was all the commotion over? A television commercial.

Michael Caplan and Edward Treistman's Montrose coffee shop was selected for an upcoming Foot Locker commercial. The commercial starred Houston Rockets guard, James Harden, otherwise known as "The Beard". According to several sources involved with the shoot, the commercial was for Nike.

Harden was outfitted in a white t-shirt with a red Nike and trademarked swoop logo. He also appeared to be wearing red Nike basketball shoes. There's a possibility the shoes could have been the Zoom Run the One, scheduled for a November 15 release date. An air date for the commercial wasn't made public.

This wasn't the first time Harden worked with Foot Locker. The sports shoe giant featured Harden in a commercial with former NBA players, Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippin this summer and one where the 6' 5" guard tries his hand at a music career. However, this was Siphon Coffee's debut in the national limelight.

With one big-time commercial under its belt, the sky's the limit for Siphon Coffee. Maybe it'll be the scene for an upcoming movie, inspiring the next Reality Bites. For now, it's back to being a coffee shop serving one of the city's best brews. The coffee-deprived residents of Montrose couldn't be any happier.