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Doggone it! Boneyard Drinkery to Close For Good November 30

The bar for four-legged companions to hangout with their owners is shutting its doors.

Boneyard Drinkery
Boneyard Drinkery
Boneyard Drinkery/Facebook

Somewhere in Houston, dogs are howling over the news Boneyard Drinkery announced today on Facebook:

The bar was the first of its kind in Houston. It was a hangout for owners, who drank beer while their canine friends frolicked across the large field. Boneyard Drinkery was among the few places in Houston that legally allowed pooches, shortly after the city was in a tug-a-war with pet owners over the issue of.

Sentiments on Facebook provide a picture of the loss a number of people are feeling.
Boneyard Drinkery's story is becoming a far too common one being told by all types of businesses in The Loop (within 610). Property owners sell their land to the higher bidder - usually for high-rises - leaving businesses that lease without an option to go elsewhere due to increasing costs. Last month, El Tiempo 1308 Cantina faced the same situation, but owner Roland Laurenzo plans to relocate.

Boneyard Drinkery will be missed, the bright side is the number of restaurants and bars to allow dogs have grown by leaps and bounds within the last four years. That's a cause for celebration. So with less than twenty days remaining and the cooler weather arriving, make your way to Boneyard Drinkery for one last beer and game of catch with your four-legged friend.

Boneyard Drinkery

8150 Washington Avenue, Houston, TX 77007 832 494 1600