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Ronnie Killen Receives Mention in ESPN's J.J. Watt Feature

Texans player's love for a Pearland restaurant is noted in a national write-up.

Patrick Feges (l), JJ Watt (center) and Ronnie Killen (r)
Patrick Feges (l), JJ Watt (center) and Ronnie Killen (r)
Killen's Barbecue/Facebook

It's no secret that J.J. Watt is fan of Ronnie Killen's restaurants in Pearland. The defensive end player has said as much himself. He can usually be spotted frequenting Killen's Steakhouse or Killen's Barbecue where his John Hancock can be seen by all. In a recent article in ESPN Magazine, Watt let's the entire world in on his love for the best little steakhouse in Pearland, Killen's Steakhouse. The author captures a moment where Killen sets a dining table at his barbecue restaurant after hours  for the 6"5 star and serves him a steak dinner.