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Philippe Schmit IN as Drexel House New Consultant

Former chef of popular Galleria restaurant has a new job.

Chef Philippe Schmit
Chef Philippe Schmit
Philippe Schmit/Facebook

After departing Philippe Restaurant + Lounge last year, chef Philippe Schmit has kept busy hosting a number of pop-up dinners and most recently participating in the Master Chefs of France conference in Las Vegas. As of this week, the former chef has a new title: consultant. Houston Chronicle food editor Greg Morago reports the French chef is a menu consultant at Drexel House, 3974 Westheimer.

Along with owner Aaron Webster, Schmit will provide his expertise in making changes to the Highland Village bistro and wine bar menu. Customers can expect a beef stew called the Texan Bourguignon, beef short ribs, fresh pizza creations and add new desserts to the menu. The Chronicle also notes Schmit is working towards opening his own restaurant again. In an interview with Morago, the French chef says he's "still looking for the ideal location to open a small bistro."