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Chef to the Stars to Open Restaurant In Montrose Called Rustic Oak

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From cooking for movie stars to serving time in jail, a chef starts anew with restaurant on Richmond Avenue.

Chef Wendell Price
Chef Wendell Price
Chef Wendell Price/Facebook

Montrose is the "it" neighborhood for restaurants these days. Underbelly, Uchi and PAX Americana to name a few have helped to make the area a dining destination. Chef Wendell Price, who once cooked for A-list stars like Denzel Washington is hoping to have the same impact.

CultureMap reports Price is opening a restaurant called Rustic Oak at 511 Richmond Avenue. The restaurant is next to Shepard Ross' Brooklyn Athletic Club and will serve French-inspired fare. Despite recently serving time for tax evasion, Price is looking ahead, "I prayed for a unique spot instead of a strip center... I've taken everything I've done for 30 years and pushed it into this building," say Price to CultureMap.

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