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Mystery Washington Avenue Restaurant Replacing Bronx Bar

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A fully furnished and remodeled building leaves questions on what's to come.

Renovated restaurant and/or bar replacing Bronx Bar on Washington Avenue
Renovated restaurant and/or bar replacing Bronx Bar on Washington Avenue
Jakeisha Wilmore

A tipster spotted what looks to be a restaurant or a bar opening soon on the corner of Washington Avenue and Fowler Street. The location was once home to Bronx Bar at 4520 Washington Avenue (next door to 4500 Washington Center housing the vacated Polovina Italian Cafe), now it's n fully renovated and furnished unmarked building.

Inside are tables with white and red chairs, a yellow tiled bar and contemporary light fixtures throughout. There isn't a sign to indicate the name of the restaurant or provide the slightest hint of what the concept may be. A Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) public notice displayed on the back window shows the owners of the yet-to-be-named business applied for a
food and beverage certificate along with a wine and beer retailer's permit issued to Arta Inc. Firestation 11 earlier this year.

The building is owned by Amir Alani's AMT Holdings LLC. Alani was part owner of the shuttered Live Sports Cafe on Main, so there's a possibility the concept could be some type of sports bar.

What is known is no other street in Houston has suffered recent restaurant and bar losses in such a short span of time than Washington Avenue. Coppa Ristorante Italiano and Polovina Italian Cafe shuttered in October and TQLA earlier this month with Boneyard Drinkery to close at the end of the month. While it appears Washington Avenue is dying a slow death, new and upcoming bars and restaurants like this one and Little J's Bar, Bourbon and Bacon, Julep, Grafitti's On Union, Urban Eats and recently opened Beirut Fine Lebanese Cuisine may prove otherwise.

Do you know what's being built or have any thoughts on the current state of Washington Avenue? Leave a comment below or send us an anonymous tip.