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Cinnabon Spinoff Bon Bake Shop Debuts in Houston Sunday

Ready for maple bacon cinnamon roll? Of course you are.

Cinnabon is banking on these novel tiny treats to be the next big thing in indulgence.
Cinnabon is banking on these novel tiny treats to be the next big thing in indulgence.

Cinnabon's latest concept is set to open November 23 inside Willowbrook Mall. The Atlanta-based cinnamon roll shop selected Houston as the nation's first test market for Bon Bake Shop by Cinnabon this summer, a stand-alone shop with artisanal bites of its famous rolls.

The chain currently offers "Minibons" and "Classic Bites," however Bon Bake Shop is stepping up their miniature roll game by offering an array of toppings: s'mores, Bavarian cream pie, maple bacon, caramel macchiato, pumpkin caramel, wild berries & cream, Oreo, toasted coconut, Butterfinger and brownie batter.

It already takes lots of will power to resist the sweet smell of Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls wafting through the air at the mall. Eventually, you give in - not that you're not strong enough, it's just a part of the sweet roll company's diabolical plan - order a roll the size of a grapefruit, savor each sticky and gooey bite to the end, and feel somewhat guilty about your decision when all is said and done. After all, you just ate about a day's worth of calories in one sitting.

Bon Bake Shop by Cinnabon's new offerings are expected to counter that with 90 calories mini buns. Add on the toppings and the calories are far less than the original Cinnabon rolls. Additionally, new menu items will include red velvet Whoopie Pies with cream cheese frosting and savory cheese rolls.

The new concept is likely to have a following, but will it have staying power once the novelty wears off? It will be hard to compete against local restaurants like Midtown's Cook & Collin's bacon-iced cinnamon roll — who already offer unconventional topped cinnamon rolls.

Bon Bake Shop by Cinnabon

1198 Willowbrook Mall, Houston, TX 77070 (281) 890-6660 Visit Website