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Mystery Solved: Former Washington Ave Bronx Bar to Become a Pizza Parlor

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Get ready for pizza, beer and wine as a new restaurant prepares to open near Downtown.

Last week, a reader tipped Eater Houston off to what appeared to be a fully furnished restaurant or a bar at 4520 Washington Avenue. Although a TABC notice was taped to the building, it was unclear what could be replacing former club, Bronx Bar until now.

Get ready for another pizza parlor along the Washington Corridor. Fire Station #11 is the name of the upcoming restaurant on the corner of Washington Avenue and Fowler. The pizza parlor's name pays homage to the original Fire Station 11 built in 1937, with great care taken to restore as much of the art deco building as possible.

Matt Tabrizi, co-owner of the pizza shop described the restaurant as a casual place for people to grab a slice of pie, drink and have a great time. Tabrizi wouldn't go into detail about the type of pizza to be served, but says pasta dishes and salads will be offered as well. The restaurant will also carry craft beers and wine.

Whether Fire Station #11 will compare to Star Pizza off Washington Avenue, recently opened Pink's Pizza on nearby Moy Street or even Candelari's Pizzeria —all whom have loyal followings — remains to be seen for now.

Fire Station #11

4520 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007 (832) 323-6740