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Former Barringer Bar Co-Owners Teases Possible New Bar

Husband and wife team press forward towards their dream of owning a bar.

Chieko Cook (l) and Robby Cook (r)
Chieko Cook (l) and Robby Cook (r)
Quy Tran Photography

Could Robby and Chieko Cook have a new bar on the way? It's highly likely.

Last month, the husband and wife bartending team took to social media to chuck the deuces to their last bar located on 410 Main Street:

410 Main Street is the address of Barringer Bar & Lounge, the bar the two co-owned under Steven Hannigan and Jenna Gleespen, owners of neighboring downstairs dive, Clutch City Squire. The duo were allegedly locked out of their speakeasy downtown, Barringer Bar & Lounge, leaving them without a bar to call their own. That is, until now.

Saturday afternoon, Robby Cook tweeted, "the keys to the future," followed by an Instagram picture displaying a set of keys and journal containing blueprints:

The keys to the future

A photo posted by Robby Cook (@robcook1979) on

Cook isn't ready to share details yet and declined to speak on the lawsuit with Clutch Squire City. He did hint that exciting news may be on the way. Hint or not, the possibility of a new bar from the longtime service industry duo is reason for fans to raise their glasses and toast to.