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Underbelly and Camerata's Chefs Trade Places With Sommeliers For Collaborate Dinner

Chefs become sommeliers and sommeliers become chefs in an upcoming two-part charity dinner.

From left to right: Chris Shepherd, Matt Pridgen, David Keck and Felipe Riccio
From left to right: Chris Shepherd, Matt Pridgen, David Keck and Felipe Riccio
Photo courtesy of Clumsy Butcher

Chris Shepherd is a jack of all trades. The highly-acclaimed and James Beard Award-winning chef of Underbelly works wonders in the kitchen, but is also well-versed in wine. So is Felipe Riccio, the former executive sous chef at Reef and cook at The Pass & Provisions.  But for two nights, the chefs will use their wine knowledge as both step into the shoes of  their sommeliers at Underbelly and Camerata - and the sommeliers become the cooks.

The real life version of the 1983 movie, Trading Places is the idea of Shepherd and Riccio. Both also worked as sommeliers at one point in their careers; Shepherd at Brennan's of Houston and Riccio is currently mastering the world of wine at Montrose wine bar, Camerata. The two will reverse roles with David Keck of Camerata and Matthew Pridgen of Underbelly in a  charity dinner next year.

Keck and Pridgen aren't trained chefs like their counterparts but both sommeliers are avid home cooks. The pair will step to the plate first, cooking a five-course meal while Shepherd and Riccio pair wines on January 20. The following month, Keck and Pridgen will pair wines for a Fat Tuesday/Carnavale-themed dinner prepared by Shepherd and Riccio on February 17.

For $300, wine and food enthusiasts can take part in both dinners at at Underbelly. All proceeds collected will benefit the MS Society. Tickets are available November 7 at Underbelly.


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