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TQLA is DOA: The Washington Avenue Restaurant Closures Continues

A once popular Southwestern restaurant and tequila bar suddenly closes.

TQLA in busier times.
TQLA in busier times.

Update: Houston Chronicle received a statement on the TQLA closure from one of the restaurant partners Scott Lindsey.

The October massacre of restaurants along Washington Avenue has crept into November. Looking for a tequila bar on the Washington Corridor? You'll be out of luck. A member of the Houston sub-section of Reddit was the first to discover the once trendy Southwestern restaurant and bar, TQLA had closed. A sign posted to TQLA's door alerted customers of its closure. Later in the day, Houston Chronicle picked up the story, as did CultureMap. CultureMap confirmed the closing with the property's real estate agent, who declined providing further information into the cause for the closure.

Social media accounts have disappeared too, while the website-which is also shared by their Phoenix location (still open for business)- remains in tact for now.

TQLA led the way in providing access to numerous tequilas, some rare, when opening in 2010. Much has changed since then with more tequila-focused bars popping up such as trendier Pistolero's and The Pastry War, that cater to the Montrose and Downtown crowds.

Restaurants and bars on upper Washington Avenue appear to be dropping like flies lately. Earlier in the year Chopping Block Gourmet Burgers closed, followed by Coppa Ristorante Italiano and  Polovina Italian Cafe (though the owners claim a new location is on the way). The dwindling nightlife that was once part of the corridor could be a contributing factor. All the while, lower Washington Avenue is thriving with new restaurants and bars to come.

Will you miss TQLA? Which restaurant or bar do you think will be the next to close? Leave your comments below.