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SUV Crashes Into Crowded Restaurant, Leaves 10 Injured

Police called the incident a "freak accident."

Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet near Reliant Stadium
Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet near Reliant Stadium
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Uh-oh! A driver mistook the accelerator for the brake and crashed through the dining area of DiMassi's Mediterranean Buffet on Kirby yesterday afternoon. It doesn't end there. After crashing into the restaurant, slamming into diners, crushing table and everything in its path — including the buffet table. In an attempt to back up, the driver appears to accidentally accelerate again. Footage from KHOU shows a man - who was initially hit and drug into the buffet table by the SUV - trying to get up as the vehicle proceeded to move towards him again.

The accident was caused by a failed attempt to park in a handicap space located in front of DiMassi's. Ten people were reported injured, none with any serious injuries. A  woman believed to be in her sixties, was behind the wheel and won't have charges pressed against her. Police called the incident a "freak accident."

As for the status of DiMassi's, owner Eihab Aldaqamoni tells KHOU he's hoping to reopen by the end of the week.

Watch a report on the crash from KPRC, complete with surveillance footage:

Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet

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