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Eatsie Boys' Intergalactic Truck Has a New Owner

A popular food truck has a new home in the 'burbs.

Eatsie Boy's Intergalactic truck has a new owner
Eatsie Boy's Intergalactic truck has a new owner
Matt Marcus/Craigslist

The Intergalactic food truck is off the market. The psychedelic colored bus one operated by Eatsie Boys (Matt Marcus, Ryan Soroka and Alex Vassilakidis) is now the property of Mark McShaffry, owner of The Backyard Grill and the Cypress restaurant, Backyard Burgers & Brew. McShaffry took to Twitter yesterday to proudly announce the purchase:

What does a person with two successful business want with a food truck? McShaffry is content being Cypress' first true food truck but wants to expand his reach even further - possibly give Inner-Loopers a reason to go to the 'burbs. Sounds far fetch? The Backyard Grill owner will have assistance from Eatsie Boys who knows more than a thing or two about the food truck business. After all, the trio turned their mobile kitchen into a brick and mortar location in Montrose.

While the truck will ditch the colorful color sheme, a plaque notating the history of Eatsie Boys will serve as a tribute. Eatsie Boys will also serve as an advisor as McShaffry and partner, John Homrighausen of Ranch Bakery, learns the rope. Eatsie Boys will host McShaffry and Homrighausen's truck, BYG Burger Boyz, at their 8th Wonder Brewery during tours. Other collaboration efforts are being considered as well. The menu is under wraps but expect craft burgers to be the truck's main focus. Locations and a launch date will be announced on Twitter.