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Shawn Bermudez to Open Burger Shop in Former Little Bigs Location

The King of the Westheimer strip sets his sights on Montrose Blvd and burgers.

Wondering what will become of Bryan Caswell's original Little Bigs location after moving into a bigger space down the street? Another burger shop. Shawn Bermudez confirmed his plans of the tentatively named The Burger Joint to CultureMap today.

Up to now, Bermudez's ever-expanding belt included six restaurants, bars and food trucks. The roster of businesses include: Boondocks, Royal Oak, Koagie Hots, The Golden Grill, Pistolero's and recently opened Stones Throw, all on Westheimer. Bermudez is going for lucky seven with his latest concept. Partnering with Matthew Pak - a chef who's also involved with  the Koagie Hots and The Golden Grill food trucks - the pair want to bring a dedicated burger shop to Montrose.

Bermudez explained why he chose to focus on burgers rather than bars this time around, "I noticed that burger culture has gotten away from a classic burger and fries. Some of the more foodie burgers that are out there are so big and so rich you can't bite them, let alone finish them." Sounds familiar?

CultureMap notes construction has begun on the 2703 Montrose Blvd property. This marks Bermudez's first recent project outside of Westheimer. Is the king of lower Westheimer aspiring to conquer every inch of Montrose? If more food concepts and bars are in the future, it could be something to look forward to. For now, Bermudez along with Ronnie Killen of the forthcoming Killen's Burger are leading the revolt against crazy toppings and too-big-to-bite-into burgers.