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Christmas came early for fans of Spanky's Pizza & Bar. The longtime pizzeria located on Houston's southeast side quietly reopened December 6th. Abandoning its 7210 South Loop E location due to extensive fire damage this fall, the restaurant moved next door to 4659 Telephone Rd, formerly Gabby's BBQ which is also owned by the pizza parlor.

Spanky's Pizza & Bar's menu remains the same with pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and salads, but long gone are many of the quirky touches that added its charm. The new Spanky's has a laid-back feel with modern touches throughout. Reclaimed wood salvaged from the fire serve as a decorative blue and white paneling across from the bar area and familiar memorabilia adorn the wall. Most noticeably is the Betty Boop collection hanging near the kitchen's entrance and the neon horse on the neighboring wall.

Above the fireplace is the letter S outfitted with light bulbs, serving as a focal point. In the private dining area, a portion of the walls are dressed in firefighter decor to honor the the men and women who helped to put out the fire next door. The restaurant enlisted the assistance of Unlimited Hanging and Kevin Hernandez, who were responsible for installing Spanky's decor.