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No More Mac & Cheese at Jus' Mac in Sugar Land

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Once popular test kitchen for cheesy creations closes.

Sugar Land has one less option for mac and cheese.
Sugar Land has one less option for mac and cheese.
Jakeisha Wilmore

Residents of Sugar Land will have to look elsewhere for their mac and cheese fix, Jus' Mac closed its only location outside of Houston earlier this month. A note taped to the front door alerted diners of the closure and thanked them for three great years. On a recent visit to Jus' Mac, the furnishings were still in tact and a the space has a new tenant, Sweetwater Seafood Restaurant, which is expected to open the first week in January.

The Sugar Land restaurant at 16525 Lexington Boulevard, Ste 160 served as a test kitchen where creations like the Cheese and Chong (chicken, mushroom, pesto, mozzarella and French fried onions) and the Hangover (hashbrowns topped with a fried egg, pico de gallo and habenero sauce) were born. Jus' Mac's Heights and Midtown locations remain open, so breathe a sigh of relief mac and cheese lovers.

<b>Updated: 12/19/2014 at 7:28 a.m.</b>