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Latin Bites' Roberto Castre Has No Beef With Aji Peruvian Cafe

Chef of popular Peruvian restaurant dispels rumors of Latin American food war.

Houston's food loving community were at odds with each over when owners of Peruvian restaurant Latin Bites in West Houston alleged newcomer Aji Peruvian Cafe of copying its plating style and recipes. Some sided with Latin Bites, others thought Aji's food and concept differed, while others felt there's room for both. Now Roberto Castre, co-owner and execute chef of Latin Bites has chimed in.

This morning, Castre responded to the feud, first reported by Houston Chronicle, with a tweet to Alison Cook, restaurant critic and food writer for the daily local newspaper:

Maybe there's a breakdown in communication within the family-owned restaurant and Castre's sister/co-owner Rita Castre and brother-in-law /co-owner Carlos Ramos didn't get the memo. While Castre supports Houston's Peruvian restaurants including Aji, his relatives appear to be hell-bent on waging a public was with the newcomer.
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