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A BK Whopper Bar May Take Flight at Intercontinental Airport

Burger King could bring its open kitchen concept to Houston in the near future.

BK Whopper Bar inside Calgary International Airport.
BK Whopper Bar inside Calgary International Airport.
Calgary International Airport

More dining options could be on the way to George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Houston Business Journal (HBJ) reports Guillermo Perales, president and CEO of Sun Holdings who owns various franchised restaurant chains throughout Texas (including the forthcoming Krispy Kremes in Houston), has placed a bid to open three concepts in Terminal D.

The terminal is undergoing a makeover and once completed, may include "a BK Whopper Bar — a high-end burger concept from Burger King."  A Mexican restaurant is also being considered in addition to collaborative concepts with local restaurants.  Perales tells HBJ, "the airport does not have any Hispanic operator. There are over 2 million Hispanics in Houston. We hope (the airport) gives our company a chance."