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CultureMap Lists Best New Restaurants in The Woodlands

New restaurants (or new-to-you places) worth visiting when driving north on I-45.

Dining room inside Robard's Steakhouse in The Woodlands
Dining room inside Robard's Steakhouse in The Woodlands
Robard's Steakhouse

On the heels of releasing its monthly where to eat now list, CultureMap follows up with another listicle focusing on new restaurants to check out in The Woodlands. CultureMap food writer Eric Sandler gives his suggestions of places to dine in the growing city which include: BBQ Godfather, Robard's Steakhouse, The Republic Grille, Hello Taco and La Bikina. It's a solid list, although BBQ Godfather and Hello Taco aren't in The Woodlands both are in Spring, BBQ Godfather opened last year and the only recently opened restaurants listed are Robard's Steakhouse and La Bikina. But it's The Woodlands, the land of chain restaurants, so Sandler gets a pass.