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Chef Randy Evans to Feel the Heat on Food Network's Kitchen Inferno

Former Haven chef to compete on a game show with hopes of opening a new restaurant.

Chef Randy Evans
Chef Randy Evans
Southern Son Consulting/Facebook

Skip the holiday-themed movies that you've probably watched a hundred times and turn the channel to Food Network this evening. Chef Randy Evans will make his prime time debut on the food channel's Kitchen Inferno hosted by Curtis Stone. 

Here's the gist of the show: chefs try their best to advance through multiple rounds complete with unique challenges, with each round harder than the first. Like any good game show, there's a catch: leave the game and keep the awarded money, or go all in for the chance to win the ultimate prize, $25,000.

Food Network has a synopsis of tonight's show, "Milk and Cookies: Get Ready to Crumble,":

Transforming milk and cookies into a savory dish isn't the only obstacle standing between Executive Chef Randy Evans and his dream to own a restaurant.

After Haven was sold to The Union Kitchen leaving Evans without a restaurant of his own he started his own restaurant consultant company, putting plans for another Southern restaurant  on hold for at least six months. Did Evans win the grand prize and will he use his winnings to open another Haven-type concept? Tune in at 9 p.m. to find out.