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Ruchis Taqueria and Roeder’s Pub on South Shepherd Are Now Just a Memory

One less late night eats option in Houston.

So long, Ruchis.
So long, Ruchis.
Sean McManus /Swamplot

The strip center where Ruchis Taquerias El Rincon De Mexico (3102 South Shepherd) and Roeder’s Pub once stood has been completely demolished. Both late night hangouts closed recently to make way for a CVS Pharmacy. Before and after pictures of yesterday's demolition were made available on Swamplot, and show nothing but rubble and memories.

Roeder's Pub held a goodbye party last month, where longtime customers could leave their mark on the bar's wall of memories.
Ruchis late hours made it an ideal spot for hangover meals after a night of clubbing and being open for 24 hours, a favorite for many who worked graveyard shifts. Although there are a few Ruchis around town, the bigger question remains, where to go now for after hours (and illegal) margaritas?