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The Hooters of Frozen Yogurt Sets Sights on Houston

Fro-yo loses its innocence as an adult-focused frozen dessert shop makes plans to open.

Get ready for tunes and scantily clad women serving fro-yo at Cups Frozen Yogurt.
Get ready for tunes and scantily clad women serving fro-yo at Cups Frozen Yogurt.
Cups Frozen Yogurt - That's Hot

Ever asked yourself what could be missing from your frozen yogurt experience? Maybe it's the latest hits from the top 40 music charts or perhaps a less kids friendly environment with more adult fun? If you're thinking of a frozen yogurt shop that fits into that criteria, CUPS Frozen Yogurt has you in mind.

Known as the Hooters of frozen yogurt, the New Jersery-based shop has made a reputation for itself for being a place where customers are served fro-yo by scantily-clad women. It's a reputation CUPS co-founder Rick Barbrick tries to downplay, but that's exactly what it is and it's opening shop in Houston.

Houston will be the first Texas location to open and the chain will be in good company in the Lone Star state, home to Hooters, Twin Peaks, Bombshells and Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill which has sole rights to the trademarked breastaurant. Similar to
restaurants of the same vein, CUPS not only refers to the disposable dishes the frozen treat is served in, but the bosoms of the servers. While there's no cleverly placed image like Hooters and Twin Peaks, the logo of the double cups of frozen yogurt filled to the top is supposed to represent this.

Diljit and Shalini Singh, owners of A&M Desserts — the company franchising CUPS Frozen Yogurts, recently signed an franchising agreement several locations throughout Houston. Each location will feature 24 flavored yogurt, 50 toppings and three sauces for endless fro-yo creations. What else can you expect? According to Barbrick, CUPS Frozen Yogurt is "... more of a club like experience. We pump out club dance music at volumes that create a highly energetic vibe, a lounge-type design with couches, ottomans and eclectic murals."

The husband and wife team expects to open their first Houston location in the spring.