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Benjy's Mike Potowski Kicks Off New Pop-Up Dinner Series Aces of Taste

For one night only, local chefs will cooks an intimate dinner at Houston's latest pop-up series.

Chef Mike Potowski of Benjy's on Washington
Chef Mike Potowski of Benjy's on Washington
Benjy's on Washington/Facebook

Chef Mike Potowski, the executive chef at Benjy's on Washington, will cook a multi-course dinner this Thursday at Aces of Tastes debut pop-up dinner in Houston. Founded by Ahrif Sarumi, a Huffington Post freelancer and co-founder of Platformit, the pop-up showcases the city's best cooks and serves as an avenue to engage with the chefs after the meal has concluded. A four-course dinner will be served at an undisclosed location in River Oak. Sounds like your cup of tea? Tickets are $60 and additional information can be found on Aces of Taste's website.