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Offal-ly Good

gorogun150.jpgKatharine Shilcutt has the scoop on Houston's finest sweetbreads dishes (which are of course neither sweet nor bread, but rather the thymus gland of a calf). A spicy General Tso's-style version can be found at Goro & Gun, get 'em stuffed into ravioli with trendy kale at Osteria Mazzantini, or find a crispy-battered version with horseradish and anchovy at the new Coltivare. [Gastronaut]
Goro & Gun. [Photo: Gary R. Wise/Flickr]


3320 White Oak Drive, , TX 77007 (832) 203-7890 Visit Website

Osteria Mazzantini

2200 Post Oak Drive, Houston, TX 77027

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