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See Goro & Gun's Alex Gregg Make His 'Rise Above'

Alex Gregg at Goro & Gun [Eric Sauseda/Groovehouse]

Goro & Gun's bar manager Alex Gregg has seen no shortage of local and national attention for the strong drinks programs he has helmed at some Houston bars and restaurants. He also recently launched G&G Syrup Division, an in-house project where Goro's kitchen doubles as a lab for aromatic syrup making, some of which are used in the drinks at the bar. Eater recently asked Gregg to take a break from the lab long enough to teach home bartenders how to shake up one of his signature drinks. Here now, take a look at how to make his "Rise Above" cocktail, now available at the downtown spot.

Start by polishing a glass and arranging these ingredients:
2 ounces Cruzan Blackstrap Rum
.5 ounce Swedisch Punsch Liqueur
.5 ounce simple syrup
.75 ounce fresh lime juice

Set up a small shaker tin, crack an egg and strain the egg white into the tin. Add the ingredients (above). Dry-shake the ingredients (shake without ice), add ice and then hard shake (ice added). Strain into a polished rocks glass. Top with ginger beer, "so that the meringue of the drink rises above the rim of the glass ever so slightly." Garnish with atomized Averna Amaro sprayed through a stencil (Gregg uses the Black Flag logo here). See all of the steps here:

Goro & Gun

308 Main St, Houston, Texas 77002